Iron Handrail & Guardrail

Wrought iron railings aren’t just a crucial safety feature, as they add a rich and elegant feeling to any building design, be it home or office. Whether you want curved metal railings or straight runs, let our experienced staff get the project done right, on time, and at an affordable cost. We’re there from start to finish, as we source the materials, chop it all up, put things together, finish the product, and then install it. We can do Spanish-, Italian-, and Gothic-style railings all in heavy wrought iron and coming with all kinds of finishes, be it powder coating or patina. We can give you tones ranging from bronze to copper or paint them in nearly any texture or color that you can think of. We create ornamental metalwork, so we can weld or fabricate nearly anything you want. Our custom-forged iron newels, metal balusters, and steel panels can get combined with any wood tread or rail, be it cherry, walnut, maple, red oak, or mahogany.

Another one of our specialties is customized stainless steel cable railing work. We use both 304- and 316-grade stainless steel cables to make any relevant space appear modern and inviting. These aren’t mass-made Internet kits coming with low-grade farming materials; they are made to fit, and they’re durably strong to ensure you get a high-grade product that adds value to your property or project. We only work with high-caliber fittings that are machined and polished in order to meet the highest of quality standards.

We can also make and install customized glass railings, complete with cap railings, aluminum shoes, and attached handrails. We provide polished edges, tempered, tint, and laminated glass along with many other kinds based on your local code or just what exactly your space needs.